1200 Phinneys Lane Hyannis, MA 02601
About Us

Barnstable Police Patrol Officer's Union

The Barnstable Police Department Patrol Division consists of 90 patrol officers under the supervision of 6 Lieutenants and 18 Sergeants. We believe through strong leadership and integrity, we continue to lead our community through hardships, while promoting the foundation of the constitution.

What drives us, is our need and want to protect the safety of our citizens. With compassion, self discipline, and a strong moral compass, we believe anything is possible. To keep yourself involved in our day to day, subscribe to our newsletter, and you will be notified when the status of our officers is updated.

Our Mission

Protect and Serve

The members of the Barnstable Police Department strive to work in partnership with our community in seeking out and solving problems in order to enhance our quality of life. We are committed to preserving the lives, property and rights of all our citizens through proactive policing strategies.